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Lil' Typer - ze Joep Wong 

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This is what you will get. Two unique items that are flexible and tough. Through hardship, enduring and dedication these pieces of art are made by hand! And are yours to own, but be quick limited supplies only. Now in stores.

Lil' typer's specification 

  • Web Languages
    HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
  • CSS preprocessors & methods
    SASS, LESS, BEM, OOCSS, DRY, Reducifly (Simplify + Reduce code)
  • Frameworks
    Material Angular, Foundation, Bootstrap, Custom css framework, Laravel, Wordpress
  • Automation technologies
    Bower, Composer, Grunt
  • Project management methodology
  • Interactive Development Environments
    Sublime Text, Textmate, Vim, PHPStorm, Eclipse, Notepadd++
  • Operating Systems
    Linux, OSX, Windows, terminal command line
  • Audio/video codec library


Bacon strip steak ground round, tongue pastrami short ribs pork chop venison turducken sausage sirloin. Flank chicken pork chop capicola turkey turducken cow pork loin biltong meatball drumstick pancetta filet mignon ground round fatback. Ham hock jerky short ribs brisket. Meatloaf shoulder pork chop capicola, sirloin swine pig pork. Jerky ribeye hamburger pork loin sirloin kevin bresaola boudin chuck flank. Ham hock pork belly chicken jerky rump bresaola.

Contact and pre-order now 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information, I can give you all the information about the lil' typer.

I am reachable via the following mainstream media sites:


Or contact me directly if you want to order now:

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